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Representing the future

of Printing and Packaging

for us means becoming one of the main players in the paper-converting market, performing the role of ‘partner’ rather than ‘supplier’ for our clients, because loyalty is generated by delivering customised, effective solutions. Alongside great manufacturing flexibility, we want to be able to realise ambitious projects that stand out for their cutting-edge design and qualitative excellence. Communicating originality and functionality through packaging involves facilitating the decision to be made by the end customer about what to buy, which has to be the right solution to meet his or her needs. For years, we have focused on providing solutions with added value, and to this end we want our offering to become even more highly structured, consolidating our market sectors, reaching out to new, luxury sectors and optimising the production lead times and costs, with the ultimate aim of becoming highly pro-active in responding to the requirements of mass-market distribution, because the success of our clients is our success.



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Overkart srl

is an industrial-scale creative workshop

which designs and manufactures a wide range of high-quality solutions for the printing and packaging sector. The integrated strategic vision deployed by our team ensures the provision of consultancy services that are geared towards the development of innovative, high-performance designs for use in marketing. Our technical mastery and inventiveness enable us to hone our skills, to refresh our knowledge on the basis of new technologies and to apply our expertise to the variables of printing and design, on digital media or hard copy, responding promptly to the requirements to enhance and customise the product. Thanks to ongoing training and the accumulation of experience focused on R&D, we have developed skills and expertise in the production of covered rigid boxes for various market segments with types of packaging optimised in terms of their dimensions, shape and style according to the needs of our client base. Independence, speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of the approach that we have taken with a view to building up this forward-looking company.



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Our company is based at a 4,000 m2 site that is designed to handle every phase of the paper converting process using advanced technologies. Planning and design, prepress, production of prototypes and mock-ups, offset printing, varnishing, hot printing, diversified finishes, die-cutting, covering and assembly: all of the departments are physically linked and monitored by a management system that offers immediate problem-solving and constant quality control. The structure of the production chain and the individual processing departments offers clients a complete service, taking in everything from concept to design, through the development of the project with stylistic consultancy, all the way to the manufacture, assembly and packing of the finished product. This infrastructure has been designed to save clients from having to dedicate time and resources to costly management operations, offering them instead a global service that covers all the bases. In addition, a 1,500 m2 space is given over to the storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, thanks to which it is possible to respond rapidly to unpredictable market demand and to provide a warehousing service that is crucial in enabling our clients to deal with the delivery requirements of the distribution chain.

Our dedication to work and the high level of our expertise

underpin every working unit we have, every product we make and every success we achieve.



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It all began in 2006

A family of printers and a family of box makers decided to reveal their precious secrets (of graphic design and paper converting, respectively) to each other

which until then they had jealously guarded from generation to generation – in order to give rise to a space in which mastery, creativity and expertise would be united with latest-generation concepts and state-of-the-art design. When it was first established, our company’s core business was mainly associated with the footwear industry but, over time, through constant monitoring of emerging markets and thanks to a wealth of know-how and a highly specialised team of human resources, we tested out a working model applicable to various sectors. Harmonising the production flow, customising the details to meet client requests, painstakingly managing the single processing steps – all of this has produced successful results in an array of different sectors including food and beverage, cosmetics and perfumery, fashion and luxury, leather goods, eyewear, gifts and games, all the way to publishing and the leisure market. Over the past five years, we have recorded increasing export levels, reinforcing our position in export markets and becoming a reference point for companies in the sectors of gift boxes, games and publishing products.