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Two souls becoming one


In 2006 a family of printers and a family of box makers decided to cooperate to join their own expertise in a much more ambitious company, where raw-materials and creativity combine to create new shapes and design for complete products.

Industrial-scale creative workshop where raw-materials and creativity combine to create new shapes and design.

The story of


From such cohesion of great expertise in the world of printing and innovative packaging, we managed to embrace the evolution in research and development of this sector. All this allowed us to keep up with the last trends and look beyond in order to catch new and unexpected solutions.



Typography F.lli Tarquini
was born.


Scatolificio Marconi was born.


Overkart was born from the merger of Tipolitografia F.lli Tarquini (active since 1961) and Scatolificio Marconi (active since 1998).
After years of successful cooperation, they decided to become one company with the aim of managing a complete product to satisfy the global requests of the market.


Entering the market of multimedia and gift box experience.
From the shoe industry packaging supply for the local market, the company approaches new sales areas starting the collaboration with important European brands.


Leader in the supply of packaging for the European Gift Box Experience market.

Significantly increased export volumes.

FSC certification.
Entering new sales markets such as games market, fashion, publishing.


Important increase in production capacity and efficency.

Implementation in the machinery fleet with the acquisition of new production lines for mini box sizes and new die-cutting line for the complete internalization of the manufacturing process.

Positioning in the games, fashion, eyewear, confectionery markets.


Positioning in the games, fashion, eyewear, confectionery markets.

Implementation project&design department with new machinery for fast and performing prototyping and 3D protos and rendering.


Purchase of a new production line for the manufacturing of sharp edges boxes.
Considerably raising of the target product, increase of the ennobling and finishes level.

Supplying of related additional services such as filling, assembly, packing, etc.

Reliable, innovative and sometimes crazy

Solutions Creators

Today we define ourselves as solution creators because with our expertise we have created a new vision of work. Our problem-solving skills in designing and implementing solutions have materialised in the real support we are able to provide to our customers, with a keen eye for innovation and quality.

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