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From 2006 Overkart designs innovative and functional solutions to help companies to stand out on the market and improve the user experience of the pack from customers.

Soluzioni per il packaging - Overkart

With boldness and concreteness, we follow our customers in the vision of something that still doesn't exist.


In the stage of design and prototyping, we start a process of cooperation and co-creation together with our customers. We are always looking for something unexpected, on one side able to be on a large-scale feasible, on the other side having new lines and shapes able to meet the needs of who wants a high level packaging.


The printing department is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies allowing to combine several techniques in order to get unique results with great visual impact. In favour of this, the true quality guarantee is the team experience ensuring reliability and control on each single production.

Immagination becomes your only limit

From design to printing, we let ourselves get inspired from the combination of several solutions. Both from a graphic point of view and the finishes, together with our customers we study the possible stylistic choices and the details able to make a product unique.


Each product has its own personality, which we can express in graphic and stylistic detail, enriching it with numerous details and features:

  • customized printing solutions
  • hotfoil, coldfoil
  • embossing, debossing
  • laminations
  • gold/silver holografic foiling
  • touch-sensitive finishings
  • silkscreens
  • sharped edges finishing
  • window die-cutting
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