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Magnet free cover case box

Home/Products/Cover case Cover case Magnet free box The strength of a rigid packaging combined with an eco-friendly approach, giving up the magnets in favour of a totally paper oriented solution. A box saying yes to green and yes to cost saving, ensuring anyway the appropriate inner product’s protection with an optimal closure. Green as a …

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Green Selection bottom-lid boxes

Home/Products/Bottom-lid box Previous image Next image Bottom-lid box Green Selection bottom-lid boxes Bottom-lid boxes made in natural materials as cork and wood effect, canvas, kraft papers. Customizations in hot stamping, flocked inner covering. Related Products View all All Post Fondo e coperchio Scatola con coperchio EcoPack Bamboo Cofanetto con finestratura espositiva​ Babbi Scatola fondo e …

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EcoPack Bamboo bottom-lid box

Home/Products/Bottom-lid box Previous image Next image Bottom-lid box EcoPack Bamboo bottom-lid box Cardboard covered with Favini CRUSH UVA paper, made with by-products of agro-industrial processes that replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp. FSC, REACH, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, 100% made by green energy, it contains the 40% of post-consumer recycled waste with a …

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EcoPack Silver shoulder box

Home/Products/Shoulder Box Immagine precedente Immagine successiva Shoulder box EcoPack Silver shoulder box Black cardboard externally covered with ECOFLET DIAMOND by Fontanagrafica, particular laminated solution without plastic film and polyester. FSC certified and REACH compliant, it contains the 95% less aluminium compared to the foils used for lamination. Inner bottom covering with Favini REMAKE, embossed version …

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