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Foldable Cases

Folded-glued cases in thin paste cardboard or coated cardboard, customisable with all kind of printing or ennobling finishes. Provided flat and easy to be formed they are a great space-saving solution suitable for a wide range of products.

Tuck-in Folding Case

Foldable paperboard case with top and bottom tuck flaps closure. The case is one side pre-glued and it is provided flat and folded just ready to be used as no assembly procedure is necessary. It is particularly suitable for perfumes, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical packaging such as for confectionery and it is a good space-saving solution. Simple or enhanced with elegant finishes it represents a versatile and never-ending packaging proposal.

Folding Case with Crash Lock base

Foldable paperboard case with crash lock base on pre-glued bottom and flaps top. The reinforced base makes the pack a very safe and resistant case, especially suitable for medium and heavy products such as glass bottles or jars. The pack is provided flat and folded, ready to be used thanks to the self-assembled structure.

Interlocking Flaps Folding Case

Foldable paperboard case with interlocking bottom closure and top flaps. It is a simple and versatile solution, it can be easily assembled thanks to the dovetail bottom closure. It is suitable to many different kinds of products and it represents a very good support and an excellent value for money proposal.
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