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Hi! I was an impossible packaging

IMPLUVIA was born from a challenge, creating a box with an unusual shape having strong artistic references inspired by the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century that is industrializable and producible on a large scale.

Impluvia Sketch - Overkart

"Impossible projects" and problem solving are two shores on which OVERKART frequently walks, of great inspiration to interpret new lines and forms.

Flexible and strong

A covered box on rigid cardboard that can represent new shapes and lines. Impluvia uses asymmetrical lines which do not exist yet.

New asymmetries

The box lid has a play of different levels, it is lower in the middle and higher on the side. In the middle of the lid, where the two flaps merge there is a sort of suture which allows the box opening through different solutions and imagination is the only limit.

Click on the arrows and drag the mouse left and right



Each project needs an original inspiration: the design school by definition is our best reference. A technical laboratory where art and geometry meet and merge, where inspiration is combined with feasibility such as in architecture. Human-scale spaces meet a modern and rational design, lights and shadows sculpt the shape.

Just like our IMPUVIA which from an apparent problem in terms of industrial production becomes a design icon thanks to its unexpected asymmetrical countertrend.

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