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Drawer box

Home/Products/Drawer box Drawer box Drawer box Elegant solution with drawer box shape for the MEY STORY underwear. Packaging with circular thumbhole for an easy opening.The combination of soft colours and silver hot foil printing gives a valuable as well as minimal appeal to the box. Further element is the black&white inlay as additional protection for

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Multi-sector drawer case

Home/Products/Drawer box Previous image Next image Drawer box Multi-sector drawer case Multi-sector case (cigars-chocolate-rum) with 3 overlapping drawers, in several brown hues and with decreasing dimensions from the bottom up. Developed with a double function of box and display. The elegance of the design is harmoniously balanced with the printing quality and the customization of

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EcoPack Silver shoulder box

Home/Products/Shoulder Box Immagine precedente Immagine successiva Shoulder box EcoPack Silver shoulder box Black cardboard externally covered with ECOFLET DIAMOND by Fontanagrafica, particular laminated solution without plastic film and polyester. FSC certified and REACH compliant, it contains the 95% less aluminium compared to the foils used for lamination. Inner bottom covering with Favini REMAKE, embossed version

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